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Power of Curiosity

Power of Curiosity..

The other day I was reading the book ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert….a great book by the way.  But, In the book she speaks on how curiosity allowed her to write amazing books and have great experiences from her curiosity. The book triggered this blog but in a different way.

Curiosity not only has the power to create amazing experiences that could’ve only remained a dream, create accomplishments that seemed so allusive but curiosity also has the power to shift your view of you and connect with you in a stronger way.  But here's the question -  where do you begin with curiosity? I believe you begin with questions. When you really allow yourself to become curious about you and ask yourself some questions …you begin a journey that can lead you on a path to happiness and purpose. I believe that curiosity is a God spark placed in you to light the fire in your life…

Curiosity is the beginning...​

So, if you feel a bit disconnected from you and what you want in your life…why not start with where your curiosity is. It may not directly lead you to your next level in your life, but there can be an indirect connection needed for your next level of happiness and purpose. In ‘Big Magic’, Elizabeth Gilbert’s curiosity for gardening inspired her to write a great book.

What could your curiosity lead to?

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