Get the  Fresh Start you need to create your amazing next chapter!  

Have you lost a sense of who you are since the breakup?   Feeling hurt, heartbroken and lost as to what is next for you or who you are anymore?  

 Just want to move on from your past, feel beautiful again, and reignite your confidence and life?

​Are you ready to move forward in your life and rebuild the woman you are and desire to be today?

Are you ready to feel confident, passionate, strong and fulfilled today?

Do you just wish someone would take you by the hand and guide you in the direction of your "what's next" for the woman you desire to be today?

​I understand!

I understand, because I was once in your shoes not too long ago..

Over a year ago, I went through one of the most difficult times of my life due to marital separation. I had started my business and I felt lost, hurt, confused as to who I was, what I wanted and what to do next in my life.

I had lost my confidence and sense of who I was as a woman.

My world was shaken!

After a several months, I noticed my life was not moving forward and I had to make a decision.  I needed a Fresh Start!  I decided to take control of my life, enough was enough, and I went on a journey to get out of my experience of heartbreak and create a fresh start for my desires, my passions and my purpose - and live unapologetically true to me.

My journey consisted of getting a mentor, taking a personal journey, reconnecting with woman I am and discovering my purpose.  Through this journey and the experience, I have acquired a level of strength, joy and confidence for life and in myself that I never had before.

That can be your experience too.

My experience motivated me to start my business of empowering women to gain clarity of who they are after the heartbreak, re-ignite their passion, re-connect with the Goddess within them, re-ignite their joy and excitement for life and purpose, and create a plan for a fresh start to live unapologetically true to them.

When a woman is heartbroken, lost her confidence, joy and is lost as to who she is, desires and purpose; a break is inevitable.

I enter at the break.  

The break for the unfulfilled woman can show in frustration, loneliness, feeling lostinsecure, overwhelm and loss of happiness.  It's the place where something has to change!  

At this break is where the woman can decide enough is enough and decide to become the woman she desires to be and is awaiting her or remain in the place of frustration, unhappiness and unfulfillemtn.  I believe every woman has a turning point and decides that NOW is the time and NOW is my turn.  

At this point is where I coach this women to give herself a Fresh Start by moving beyond the past, discovering who she is and taking the steps towards creating a life that is unapologetically true her and her happiness TODAY!

You have come to the right place, if you:

  • ​Are ready to move on from your past and focus on you
  • Are ready to give yourself a fresh start towards a life of true happiness, passion and fulfillment
  • Desire to feel confident, beautiful and clear about who you are in the world today
  • Desire a life that is unapologetically true to you
  • Feel disconnected from who you are, what excites you, what lights you up and you are desiring to figure it out
  • Have been trying to figure it out on your own and now realize you need a little help to guide you in the direction of a life that is true for you today.

By the end of the 6 weeks you will:

  • Have clarity as to who you are, your desires, passions and what truly lights you up
  • Take steps toward being the Goddess you are and desire to be while moving beyond the past and into your desired future
  • Clarify your 'what's next' for your life and true happiness 
  • Feel confident, clear, strong and reconnected with the woman you desire to be and are today.

This program is being offered at a reduced price of $900.00, so don't delay. 

With Shaundra's coaching, I've gained more clarity within the past couple months then I did in 4 months of counseling. I never realized I had that much in me. I'm so glad I invested in coaching with Shaundra!


Give yourself a Fresh start today by clicking a link below!

Choose to pay in two monthly installments of $495.00 by selecting the appropriate option below or pay the reduced amount of$900.00 in full.

Pay the reduced amount of $900.00

Two monthly installments of $495.00

Shaundra was an angel in disguise for me. Shaundra helped me to understand what is important and invaluable in my life; now I don't feel guilty about my dreams. She gave me great exercises to work on each week that allowed me to gain clarity as to who I am and what I really want. The experience helped me along my journey to living and loving the life I have and am creating. I am so grateful for Shaundra.


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