Creating a life after heartbreak can feel overwhelming, confusing and downright difficult...

​I understand and I'm here for you!

My Story

I'm a Life & Breakup coach and speaker passionate about coaching women to let go of heartbreak from a break-up, reconnect with who they are today and give themselves a fresh start with confidence, clarity and an inner-bliss for their amazing next chapter in life and relationships.

Why? Because that was my story not too long ago. After I went through a separation and an eventual divorce from my husband a couple years ago, I was completely distraught.  

Several months after my breakup, I noticed my life was not moving forward and I had to make a decision.  I needed a Fresh Start!  I had to take control of my life, enough was enough, and I went on a journey to get out of my experience of heartbreak and create a fresh start for my desires, my passions and my purpose - to live unapologetically true to me.  I went on my own personal journey of healing and discovery.

My journey consisted of getting a mentor, embracing my personal journey, reconnecting with the woman I am and discovering my purpose.  Through that necessary and precious process, I acquired a level of strength, joy and confidence for life and in myself that I never had before.

That journey allowed me to discover who I was, find true happiness, and become clear about the next direction of my life. And today, because of that journey, I get to coach other women to create that life of true inner bliss and clarity in their own lives too after heartbreak...creating their amazing next chapter.

The Discovery

After receiving my Master of Arts degree in mental health counseling and a coaching certification in Neuro-linguistic programming, I worked with women who lost their sense of happiness after heartbreak, couples who struggled to reconcile after some form of disconnect in their marriage and individuals who were so discontented in their life that they resorted to drugs and alcohol. While working with those clients I noticed a common thread - unfulfillment, rejection, disappointment, loss of purpose, as well as spiritual and inner-truth disconnect were prevalent in each of their stories.

That experience, along with my own journey, motivated me to start my business of empowering women to not only let go of their past hurt but to get clear on their desires, create boundaries and create their amazing next chapter unapologetically.  

When a woman is heartbroken, has lost her sense of self, happiness or purpose, a break is almost inevitable. - 

I enter at the break.

The break for the woman after heartbreak can show in frustration, overwhelm, loneliness, resentment and loss of happiness and purpose. It's the place where something has to change! At this break is where the women decides to step out of her past, embrace who she is today and create what she wants now instead of remaining in a place of heartbreak. I believe every woman has a turning point, a point of enough is enough, where she decides its time to move forward, live her life and experience an amazing next chapter.  

At this point is where I coach these women to bridge the gap between who she was and the powerful woman she was created to be:

 A woman full of joy, excitement and purpose. 

She begins to create a Life Unleashed!

The 3 month Life Unleashed program is about empowering YOU to connect with the powerful goddess that you are today,  let go of the past, and build what you desire NOW according to your own rules. It is getting clear on who you are today, what lights you up, what inspires you, where to go next and having the confidence and tools to create it for you. When a woman is clear on who she is, what she wants, her power and purpose and has fun at the same time...nothing is beyond her reach and her level of  joy becomes immeasurable! 

If this sounds like you, take the first step in changing your life!

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