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I'm Shaundra Connelly, a Life & Relationship Coach for Professionals who desire to let go, move forward and create their amazing next chapter after heartbreak.

Over a year ago, I went through one of the most difficult times of my life due to marital separation. I had started my business and I felt lost, hurt, confused as to where to go in my life and what direction to go next.

I was completely overwhelmed.

During that time, I began to notice my life was not moving forward and I had to make a decision. I decided to take control of my life, enough was enough, and I implemented strategies to get out of overwhelm, find my joy, create my amazing next chapter and have a more productive and enjoyable way of living!

 Now in my life and business, I implement those same strategies and it has allowed me to be more productive, have peace of mind, true happiness, less stress and operate with more clarity and direction.

Whether you are going through relationship transition or business overwhelm, this series is for you. You will receive the same strategies I implement in my life TODAY, so that you can begin living your amazing next chapter with more ease.